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Born in Green Bay, WI, to Mike and Eileen in 1984, Mitch was raised a die hard Packer fan and had a difficult time not incorporating cheeseheads into our engagement photos. He went to school at University of Wisconsin for Industrial Engineering and you'll meet several of his friends from his beloved fraternity Sig Ep at the wedding. He moved to Minneapolis in 2008 for his job at Deloitte. When Mitch started dating Emily, he wanted to make sure he didn't lose that amazing girl and quit his job to learn how to program, building awesome apps across the web, including this one!

Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. Franz Schubert


Born in Loveland, OH, to Gerald and Karen in 1988. Emily grew up hanging out with her three siblings (Ellen, Michael, and Megan), making homemade music videos, running neighborhood carnivals and enjoying their neighborhood pool. She was the first University of Kentucky Wildcat in her family, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Marketing and a healthy obsession for Kentucky basketball! She moved to Minneapolis to start a career at Target and met some of her closest friends here. Emily loves the Minnie bike trails and CorePower Yoga.

Everyone looks so much better when they smile. Jimmy Fallon

Our Proposal Story

On July 26, 2014- Mitch and Em went out for massages followed by walking around Stillwater, enjoying dinner, and proposing at a park overlooking the city and river. Mitch gave Em a little black book containing 10 things he only knows about her, with #10 being 'I want to be the only person who knows what it is like to marry you.' She said yes!

The following Monday morning, Em was surprised yet again as she came back from a meeting to pictures of their proposal and red roses. Little did Em know that their friend Conor was hiding at the park and captured the entire proposal.

The Ceremony

Will Be Held On

July 25, 2015


Starts at 3:00pm, please arrive for 2:30.

The ceremony is being held at the Basilica of Saint Mary (pictured above.) We are very fortunate to be getting married in this beautiful Minneapolis landmark. We've enjoyed going to this church together, they do a tremendous job making you feel connected to others, especially for a church that is located downtown. We've also enjoyed seeing some great musicians play at their annual Basilica Block Party.

There is parking located directly behind the Basilica. The signs will say Basilica Parking, this is safe to park here.

Basilica of Saint Mary
88 N 17th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Starts immediately following the ceremony.

The reception is being held at 514 Studios, located in the trendy North Loop in Minneapolis. We fell in love with this place because of the beautiful exposed brick throughout the building and the blank slate they gave us to work with. We're hoping to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere to celebrate our big day together.

We're beyond excited to have a food truck coming to the wedding which serves healthy, organic, MN grown food. It may very well be the most fresh and hot food you've ever received at a wedding.

The reception can be a bit difficult to find, it's in the same building as Corner Coffee and Bust Out Solutions and located behind Cuzzy's Bar. A link to it on Google Maps is below.

514 Studios
514 N 3rd St #101
Minneapolis, MN 55401


We have two different hotel options for you to choose from with blocks of rooms at each. Either way, we DO NOT want you bringing a car to the reception site. One of the hotels is within walking distance and the other hotel is just a $7 cab ride, rickshaw ride or uber ride away. Thanks in advance for finding a safe way home.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott (recommended)

The hotel is located just two blocks away from the reception. You can pay to park behind the hotel, but parking is free on the streets starting at 6:00PM on Friday evening until Monday. They offer several different room options and has more space within their rooms than our other option.

  • Rate: Starting at $129 / night + tax. Parking is $10 / night if you decide not to leverage free parking.
  • Reservations: You can book online at our custom link or by calling 612.215.6002 x0.
  • Hotel Block: Is under the "Budde Nick wedding"
  • Address: 525 N 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401 google maps link
  • Directions from the airport: If you have checked luggage, make sure to make it to baggage claim first. Follow signs to the "Light Rail" and board the light rail towards Minneapolis (opposite direction from the Mall of America.) The light rail goes every 10-15 minutes, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Take the light rail all the way downtown to the last stop: Target Field Station. It's a short 5 block walk from the Rail Station to your hotel. You want to find N 5th Avenue (Note: Avenues and Streets are different in Minneapolis) and start walking on it away from the stadium. You'll go under a bridge, pass by our venue, and go past the first traffic light (Washington Street). You'll see the TownPlace Suites on your left at the next intersection (N 2nd St).

Hyatt Regency Hotel

It's located right downtown and it was hands down the best rate we could find for you guys. Better yet, the hotel just underwent a huge renovation and the rooms look tremendous, and this is coming from someone who has spent four years on the road.

  • Rate: $109 / night + tax. Parking is $17 / night if you will be parking a car.
  • Reservations: You can book online at our custom link or by calling 888-421-1442.
  • Hotel Block: Is under the "Budde Nick wedding"
  • Address: 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403 - google maps link
  • Directions from the airport: If you have checked luggage, make sure to make it to baggage claim first. Follow signs to the "Light Rail" and board the light rail towards Minneapolis (opposite direction from the Mall of America.) The light rail goes every 10-15 minutes, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Take the light rail all the way downtown to the "Nicollet Mall" station. It's either an 8 block walk from here, or there are plenty of buses, your light rail fair will still be good for the bus. The walk is straight down Nicollet, right as you exit the train and then turn left on Nicollet. Really lost?? Feel free to jump into a cab here and it should be ~$5 for the fair.


We're looking forward to filling our future home with classic everyday essentials from Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Amazon. The items we chose were based on lots of research and customer reviews to get a quality product that will last our lifetime together.

At Pottery Barn, we've picked out linens and home decor items. We're looking forward to a homey bed set and enough soft towels for our guests!

At Crate and Barrel, we've selected basic kitchenware items and cooking utensils. We all know Mitch loves to cook a good meal and likes having quality cookware :)

Amazon has an array of items. We've even highlighted how we can use the items or how they'll complement our simple rustic home decor.

Things To Do

Minneapolis is packed with fun things for you to explore, see and do. We've highlighted several of our favorites below, many of which will be walking distance from your hotel.

NE Brewery Tour: Ride your bike, rent a Nice Ride bike, or cab it to MN Breweries. Start out at Fulton, Dangerous Man, and Indeed. Mitch did a brewery tour for his 30th bday and we had a blast. Our favorites include Fulton and Dangerous Man Brewery.

Twins Game: Twins play the Yankees on Friday July 24. Head to Cowboy Jacks beforehand. It's our favorite spot to go to before Twins game. Country music and rooftop bar. You can see Target Field from rooftop.

Bike Ride: By far our favorite Minnie to do. Minnie is ranked the #1 Bike City in the US. If you're bringing or renting decent bikes, our favorite bike trail is a 10-15 mile loop: from downtown Minnie to the Cedar Lake Greenway, Midtown Greenway, head towards Lake Calhoun, and Lake Harriet. Stop for ice cream and pitcher of beer before biking back downtown. 10-15 mile bike loop

Loring Park & Sculpture Garden: Favorite walking area. Nice 2.5 mile walking loop. Walk through Loring Park to the Sculpture Garden and see the infamous Spoon and Cherry.

Lake Calhoun: Rent Nice Ride Bikes or kayaks, or lay at the beach and enjoy a Minnie summer day on Lake Calhoun.

Lake Harriet: Favorite lake in Minnie. More chill vibe. Beautiful homes and families strolling. Summer concerts and movies are offered everynight and a hit. Bread and Pickle is a good walk up place to order food and pitchers of beer.

Corepower Yoga: If you've never been to Corepower Yoga, you should take advantage of trying out free yoga. Em enjoys Scuplt (yoga with weights workout) and Mitch likes more traditional yoga (varying levels).

Dinner / Lunch
Brasa: Rated 2014 Minneapolis Best Place to take Out of Town Guests. This is also our go to place for visitors. Melt in your mouth slow cooked pulled pork and chicken. Outside patio. Cincy family and friends- Eli's BBQ would have tough competition. Please note, this is the food we are serving for our rehearsal dinner.

Tin Fish: Must see destination food stop while renting Nice Ride Bikes. Located right on Lake Calhoun. Walk up and order fish tacos and cold beer.

Sea Salt: If venturing to Minnehaha Falls, good spot to get fish tacos and ice cream at outside tables. Same idea as Tin Fish. Nice waterfall.

Bar La Grassa: This was our first date spot. For those that love a good meal, you can't go wrong here. Our favorites include the Mushroom and Taleggio Agnolotti and Gnocchi with Cauliflower and Orange.

112 Eatery: One of the top restaurants in the city. Butterscotch Budino (Favorite dessert by far we've had together) and gnocchi are tasty. Good for just wine and dessert too. Willing to spend more for a good meal and experience.

Parlor: If you're looking for a great burger and cocktail, this place is calling your name. They don't serve a ton of food options, but they're good at what they do.

Moose and Sadies: Right next to the TownPlace suites, this is a great local cafe to grab a nice breakfast and some good coffee. Prices are very reasonable.

Haute Dish: The highest rated brunch place within walking distance to the TownPlace suites.

Hell's Kitchen: We love taking out of town guests here. Known for live music on Saturday mornings, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros, Bloody Marys, and homemade peanut butter.

Happy Hour
Freehouse: Great price happy hour appetizers with beer brewed on location. Offers both indoor and outdoor seating area.

Fulton Brewery: Mentioned above for favorite activities, this place has a lively happy hour and often features a different food truck parked out front.

Butcher and the Boar: It's in the city yet you feel so removed. Known for large beer selection and outside beer garden opens at 3pm.

Brits Outdoor Rooftop Patio: Target Happy hour hot spot. When Gerald visited Minnie, this was the first place he wanted to go because Em talked about always going here for HH. Open lawn bowling on Sat- Sun first come first serve (Noon-11pm).

Wedding Gallery

Here's some of our favorite pictures together.

Our Story

    • How it started

      We met in the most romantic way possible, playing flip cup at the Crooked Pint.
    • Our first date

      We went to the highly reviewed Minneapolis restaurant - Bar La Grassa. We recommend checking it out when you're in town (just make sure to grab reservations.)
    • So long job...

      Peace out Deloitte

      Despite Mitch leaving his fancy consulting job, the girl of his dreams stuck by his side.

    • Meeting the Nick family

      Nick Family

      Em meets Mike and Eileen and goes to her first Packers game.

    • Our first Christmas

      Christmas tree

      Mitch surprises Em and takes her to the Christmas tree. This will be the last Christmas we spend apart.

    • I love you


      This is how we were dressed the first time we told each other "I love you." #stay_classy

    • Meeting the Budde Family


      First trip to Cincy. Mitch meets the Budde Family and attends the NCAA basketball tourney.

    • Celebrating 1 year together

      We celebrate our one year anniversary with Mitch playing a grand piano and enjoying a delicious meal at Restaurant Alma.
    • Hawaii with the Nick's

      Beach living

      We celebrate the Nick's Anniversary in Hawaii.

    • Badgers vs Wildcats?!

      Final four

      In the final four?? OF COURSE we have to go. Em's team takes down Mitch's, and one day Em will be making a wall decoration to commemorate the event (and forever remind Mitch who the better team was). You can also look at the t-shirt selection to figure out what team won the game.

    • The Proposal

      Beach living

      She said yes!!

    • Mitch turns thirty

      Final four

      Mitch turns 30 in style with a Back to the 80's Party Bus Brewery Tour.

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